Can the boyfriend go to jail if he is 22 and the pregnant girl is only 17?

Answer Probably not, since the age of consent in most places is 16, but the laws are different in each state. However, if it wasn't consensual he could go regardless of age.It depends on the state. In mos... Read More »

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If you are 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 22 can he go to jail even if your mom does not press charges in Tennessee?

AnswerI live in TN, (Nashville). It is rape because he is more than 4 years older than you. Any child 13-18 can consent to sex with someone that is up to 4 years older than them. I don't think that... Read More »

If you are sixteen and your boyfriend is eighteen and you are pregnant will he be thrown in jail?

Answer It is likely that if reported by anyone (teachers, friends, family, someone who knows his age and your age, neighbors, etc) he will be prosecuted for statitory rape and sent to jail. Answer ... Read More »

In Texas can the parents of a pregnant 17-year-old have her older boyfriend put in jail?

Answer why do you think my parents would be concerned with this matter??????

Can your parents put your older boyfriend in jail if you are pregnant at seventeen in the state of Texas?

Answer How much older? That makes a big difference. If the age difference is not very great (less than two years) and if you were seventeen when you got pregnant then the likelyhood that the court... Read More »