Can the body scanners see a tampon?

Answer Doubtful since it see right through clothing! Also made of fabric, etc. Only metal objects will show up.

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Are you for or against the naked body scanners at airports?

As a nudist, I'm highly in favor of the naked body scanners. We need to get over our inhibitions about our bodies.

Do airport full body scanners emit radiation?

The amount of radiation that a body is exposed to during a full body scan is between 1.58 microrems and 2.4 microrems, which is a minuscule amount of radiation. A chest X-Ray exposes a person to 8,... Read More »

How to hide a rubber dildo from airport and body scanners?

wrap it up in aluminum foil and put it in your carry on will never be detected.

How to Get Through Wave or Backscatter Body Scanners with Minimal Hassle?

Airports around the world are beginning to replace standard metal detectors with new scanners. The new scanners use a number of different technologies, from X-rays to electromagnetic waves, to get ... Read More »