Can the body scanners see a tampon?

Answer Doubtful since it see right through clothing! Also made of fabric, etc. Only metal objects will show up.

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Are you for or against the naked body scanners at airports?

As a nudist, I'm highly in favor of the naked body scanners. We need to get over our inhibitions about our bodies.

What's the real reason why body scanners have been placed in airports?

9/11 and simple heightened security. If you don't know, when paying for a ticket, you also pay an additional fee called the "Sept. 11th security fee" to pay for the TSA staff and equipment (such as... Read More »

How to Get Through Wave or Backscatter Body Scanners with Minimal Hassle?

Airports around the world are beginning to replace standard metal detectors with new scanners. The new scanners use a number of different technologies, from X-rays to electromagnetic waves, to get ... Read More »

Do airport full body scanners emit radiation?

The amount of radiation that a body is exposed to during a full body scan is between 1.58 microrems and 2.4 microrems, which is a minuscule amount of radiation. A chest X-Ray exposes a person to 8,... Read More »