Can the body be in so much pain it can go in shock after being attacked?

Answer Yes, I think that is the case. It is like the mountain climber who had to cut his own arm off in order to survive when he was trapped by a boulder (I think the movie was called 180 Hours - James Fr... Read More »

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How long does it take for a baby box turtle's shell to grow back after being attacked by a dog?

It may take months or years for a turtle shell to heal completely. A turtle bitten by a dog needs prompt medical attention from a veterinarian to prevent a serious and sometimes fatal bacterial in... Read More »

In a lot of pain after being beat up!?

1. take a hot bath. 2. lie down in a comfortable position on ur bed and don't move, until u feel better. 3. dump boyfriend or report him to the policeEDIT: good luck! you're doing the right thing b... Read More »

Pain and numbness in arm after being hit?

Hi there: Yes you have damaged you arm nerves. But it will be fine just give them a little time to heal. You have a fine day. here is something that may help you some. Wrap your arm with a hot wet ... Read More »

My whole body is in pain after a soccer torny?

Go for the pain killer then....Good luck!