Can the board president dismiss a member?

Answer It depends on whether the member is a member of the board, or a member of the association. If, for example, the developer is the board president and has appointed a member of the board who serves ... Read More »

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President of the board non board member blocked changed post office box and bank account from acting board voted manager of condo association what can we do?

That depends on who 'we' might be. From your question, it's unclear who's a non-board member, and who's the manager, and who is 'we'.If you are other members of the board, you can enlist the suppor... Read More »

Can a board member ask the board president to leave a meeting?

Read your governing documents to determine who is responsible for leading a meeting. Often this is the president of the board. Board members may disagree with a president's position on a matter. U... Read More »

If you are the president and interim manager of your condo can you still vote as a board member if you take the job permanently?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Look for the section on voting.As an owner in good standing, you should be able to vote. As well, as an owner in good standing you shoul... Read More »

What is the length of tenure of a board member appointed to replace a board member who resigned?

Read your governing documents to confirm that the rather standard practice is in effect in your community. Usually, an appointed officer fills out the remainder of the resigned officer's term.