Can the blu-ray camcorder shoot good picture?

Answer yes they are good but very expensive. they are new to the market and in Nov. another version is coming out. here is info on that.anasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial said it would launch n... Read More »

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How can a camcorder with a 1.5mp sensor shoot 1920x1080 video?

1080x1920 is the pixel resolution that is played out per ATSC. the pixels in the CCD element can be more or less than that. in this case, the 1.5 mp sensor is for 4:3 aspect, so it only has about... Read More »

What Lighting Should You Use to Shoot Inside With a Camcorder?

Camcorders provide a relatively cheap and simple method of shooting video indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately the lenses on these devices often capture footage that turns out blurry, grainy, washed... Read More »

What is the best point and shoot camcorder for as cheap as possible?

Maybe this one: this one: I Helped :-)

I'm a beginner film maker which is the best camcorder for taking in count price/good camcorder?

Always glad to help a fellow filmmaker.The best camcorder to start out with would be soemthing in the Panasonic PV-GS series. They have 3CCD, manual focus ring, and a microphone input. Plus, the qu... Read More »