Can the bird flu be transmitted from human to human?

Answer Avian influenza, or "bird flu,, is a contagious disease that is caused by a form of influenza virus that typically infects birds and sometimes pigs. The World Health Organization says a few cases o... Read More »

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Can parasite worms be transmitted from human saliva?

Parasite worms are not spread through human saliva. People become infected with them through contact with parasitic animal feces, standing water, contaminated dirt and sometimes though the skin. Do... Read More »

Can human lice be transmitted to rats?

Human lice cannot be transmitted to rats. The type of lice that are found on humans can only survive on the nutrients found in human blood. Rats, however, have their own form of lice called Polypla... Read More »

Is the female human ear different from the male human ear?

The female human ear is not genetically different from the male human ear. The only differences are that male ears are generally larger and have more hair around the lobes. Female ears are generall... Read More »

How Are Bird Bones Different From Human Bones?

Skeletal structure in animals is largely dependent on evolution. As animal species adapt to different ecological niches, their physical structures often change over time as natural selection reward... Read More »