Can the bigger leaves be cut from the cabbage plant as it growes?

Answer yes IN ADDITION: All leafy vegetables such as kale, lettuce, collard greens, turnip greens and cabbage all should have the larger outside leaves removed as the plant gets bigger. This promotes the ... Read More »

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Are leaves from cabbage plant edible?

Where do babies come from...Mom says under cabbage leaves...Is this true?

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Why do plant varieties with erect leaves give higher crop yields than those with horizontal leaves?

With corn, the "erect" leaves allow the crop rows to be planted closer together. This generally leads to a greater yield per acre becase more plants can be planted per acre.

How to Plant Cabbage?

Cabbage is considered a hardy cool-weather vegetable and can be planted in either the early spring or fall. Available in numerous varieties and shades, cabbage is abundant in vitamins C and E, beta... Read More »