Can the bigger leaves be cut from the cabbage plant as it growes?

Answer yes IN ADDITION: All leafy vegetables such as kale, lettuce, collard greens, turnip greens and cabbage all should have the larger outside leaves removed as the plant gets bigger. This promotes the ... Read More »

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Are leaves from cabbage plant edible?

Where do babies come from...Mom says under cabbage leaves...Is this true?

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Are dried leaves on a tomato plant from frostbite?

Since frost dehydrates plants and tomatoes require a lot of water, dried leaves may be the result of cold nights or frostbite. Dried leaves may also be a sign of drought stress. Dry, wilting leaves... Read More »

How do i cut the brown leaves from a bird of paradise plant?

Prune a bird of paradise plant in late winter or early spring to limit damage to the plant. Cut away any fading blooms, dead leaves, diseased vegetation, or stems or brown leaves, using sharp pruni... Read More »