Can the ab machine be used during pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Ab Workouts Will Not Cause ComplicationsThe old adage that working out during pregnancy can hurt the baby is now generally accepted to be untrue. Doctors now agree that exercise durin... Read More »

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Can Topamax be used during pregnancy?

Taking the antiseizure and migraine drug Topamax during pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects. A study published in Neurology in July 2008 showed that 16 out of 178 babies born to mother... Read More »

Can Albendazole be used during pregnancy?

Can andolex c spray be used during pregnancy?

No, you wont be able to get the nozzle to the baby's throat.

Is wine used for cooking safe during pregnancy?

Only if cooked or boiled. The alcohol is distilled from the wine when boiled or cooked in with other foods. If wine is drunk (regardless of whether it's meant for cooking or not), it is NOT safe.