Can the Top Rails or Seats Be Replaced on a Doughboy Pool?

Answer Doughboy sells pools designed to be set up above ground. These systems have several advantages: They are much easier to set up and use than in-ground concrete pools, they are less expensive to mai... Read More »

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How to Add Chemicals to a Doughboy Pool?

Chemicals are constantly added to swimming pools to maintain balance. Pool water contains many "levels" that impact chemical balance, and these levels must be well maintained to keep your pool crys... Read More »

How much water is in a 32'by 16'Doughboy pool?

To calculate the amount of water in a Doughboy swimming pool, you need to know the length, width and depth of the pool; a Doughboy 32-foot by 16-foot comes in a 52-inch-deep model. Multiply the len... Read More »

How to Install Doughboy Pool Liners?

Doughboy pools offer the fun of a pool and the convenience of not needing to do massive excavating to set it up. Above-ground pools have been around for years and Doughboy was one of the original m... Read More »

How long before you drain your Doughboy above-ground pool do you have to fill it?

Hmmm, you should only drain a small portion of the water unless you are going to replace the liner. The liner and/or the pool walls could collapse or the liner could pop out of the retaining track. k