Can the Nintendo DS play Game Boy games?

Answer The Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite can both play Game Boy Advance games only, not original Game Boy or Game Boy Color games. The Nintendo DSi cannot play any Game Boy games at all.Source:Nint... Read More »

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Does the Nintendo game station play Game Boy Advance games?

The only Nintendo game console that can play GameBoy Advance games is the GameCube. To do so, you'll need a GameBoy Advance, your game of choice and a link cable that connects your portable gaming ... Read More »

Can you play Game Boy games on Nintendo?

The original NES console won't play Game Boy games, but the Super Nintendo system will play original Game Boy games if you have the Super Game Boy cartridge adapter. The GameCube will play all Game... Read More »

Can you play Nintendo DS games on a Game Boy?

Cartridges for the Nintendo DS cannot be played on previous Nintendo hand-held systems, such as the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. DS games can be played on the DS, DS Lite and DS XL.Source:Nintendo:... Read More »

How to Play Old Nintendo Games With My PC Game Controller?

For nostalgic gamers, there is something magical about playing old Nintendo games, such as "Super Mario Bros." and "Duck Hunt." While they might have dated graphics and simple game play, they carry... Read More »