Can the IRS take pensions for back taxes?

Answer The IRS can go after pensions, retirement accounts, Social Security benefits and personal property and assets to collect back taxes. The longer payment is postponed, the greater the penalties. It i... Read More »

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Can the IRS Take My Car Away for Back Taxes?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can seize any type of property, including cars, if it deems it necessary to pay off a tax debt. It usually resorts to property seizure in flagrant cases, or when... Read More »

How much should I get back in taxes?

During the year, the IRS requires employers to withhold money from their employees' paychecks to pay for their estimated taxes as the end of the year. However, for many people the amount withheld f... Read More »

How to File Back Taxes?

Anyone with income is required to file their taxes every year. If you have skipped filing in the past, or owe money on taxes from previous years, you will want to get up to date as soon as possible... Read More »

How far back can the IRS go to collect taxes?

According to, in general, the IRS can go back 10 years to collect taxes. The IRS also has the option of auditing a tax return for up to three years. However, these numbers are based on s... Read More »