Can the IRS levy your paycheck?

Answer A levy is the lawful seizure of your property to meet a tax debt, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). One legal method of apprehension the IRS uses to get you to pay a tax debt is levy... Read More »

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How to Save Money When You Live Paycheck to Paycheck?

Putting money aside is a challenge if you are just getting by. If you are out of funds by the time the payday arrives, the last thing on your mind is putting money away for the future. But no matte... Read More »

What is a levy brief?

When members of the armed service are reassigned to a different organization within the military or request reassignment, they must attend a levy briefing. During these briefings reassigned service... Read More »

What is a an IRS tax levy?

A levy is a legal method of collecting a debt. The Internal Revenue Service issues a levy to seize a taxpayer's property to satisfy an unpaid tax debt. The seized property is sold, and the cash pro... Read More »

What is tax levy?

The IRS notes that a levy is the legal apprehension of a debtor's assets to pay taxes owed. A levy is usually imposed if the debtor does not pay or make arrangements to pay his tax debt.Lien vs Lev... Read More »