Can the IRS levy on buildings affixed to a ground lease?

Answer The IRS can only put a levy on property that is owned by the person who is delinquent in paying taxes. If a structure is on leased land but is owned by a delinquent taxpayer, then the IRS can put a... Read More »

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Can the irs levy on a property affixed to the land of a lessor?

The Internal Revenue Service can, and will, place a levy on the property of a lessor. The term lessor means someone who owns property and rents it to someone else. Being a lessor is no different th... Read More »

Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

Interesting question. I guess they don't understand that's just another way of taking your money away.

Does there need to be a formal transfer of ownership at the end of a ground lease?

A formal transfer of ownership is unnecessary at the end of a ground lease. A ground lease agreement does not impact the title to real estate in any manner. Ownership remains with the original titl... Read More »

Can the IRS attach a lien to ground lease improvements?

The IRS treats improvements upon ground lease property like any other security or real estate holding. The IRS can seize or attach tax liens to such improvements, subject to rules of subordination ... Read More »