Can the IRS force a sale for back taxes?

Answer The IRS can force a sale for back taxes. If you have a steady job, the IRS would first look to garnish wages. Forcing a sale is a last resort, usually preceded by a lien. The drastic measure of a f... Read More »

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Do I pay taxes on a short sale?

If an individual has to sell a home for a net sales price (after commissions and other closing costs) that's less than the outstanding mortgage debt, it is called a short sale. The tax implications... Read More »

What to Expect to Pay Taxes With a Short Sale?

Every short sale is different with rules varying by lender. The tax consequences for a short sale are fairly consistent in spite of lender differences and often boil down to whether the home is the... Read More »

Do I owe income taxes on a short sale?

Yes, short sales are taxable transactions according to the Internal Revenue Service. A gain or loss from the short sale is not realized until the property from the sale is delivered after closing.R... Read More »

Hi i basically swore in and DEP discharged from 3 diff. branches including the air force. now i want to get back into the air force to do pararescue. can i still get in or am i banned forever?

No, go back and talk to a recruiter. Unless you were specifically told you were permenently disqualified, you can always talk to another recruiter. Good luck, and be sure to have a back-up job pick... Read More »