Can tendinitis cause numbness in my little finger?

Answer Tendinitis, sometimes spelled "tendonitis," can cause pain, burning and swelling around an affected area. Numbness in your little finger is not a recognized symptom of tendinitis, but it can indica... Read More »

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Hurt finger Numbness?

Hey! Ouchh that sounds painful .. well if it does seem to be getting slowly better then I doubt you have anything to worry about .. if the wound is closer to your hand than your fingertip then it i... Read More »

Numbness in tip of pinky and ring finger?

Numbness in your ring finger and little finger kinda suggests nerve involvement, usually the ulnar nerve. Let's review, when you fractured your tailbone, was it in a fall? Or was it in an accident?... Read More »

Numbness in left ring finger?

I think yesterday night you sleep in wrong direction. or may be problem of blood circulation. please check your blood pressure and blood sugar.

Can Toprol cause feet or toe numbness?

Toprol is a beta-blocker, and it is a prescribed medication used for the treatment of high-blood pressure and other conditions that are related to the heart and to blood vessels. One of the side-ef... Read More »