Can teenagers be left alone in an apartment for a few hours in Florida?

Answer Each teenager is different... They all have DIFFERENT behaviors.

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How do i get rid of unqualified occupants on a lease that the lease holder left occupying the apartment. when the lease holder has left the apartment.?

If he is a good landlord, he would check with local courts to see if you have a habit of prior evictions. Credit reports don't really have allot to do with someone, in my opinion, as a bad credit r... Read More »

How many hours of sleep should teenagers receive?

Teenagers need eight to nine-and-a-half hours of sleep per night, and even more as they go through puberty, though usually they do not get the amount of sleep they need. Many teens are sleep-depriv... Read More »

A Renter vacated but left others in apartment?

Legally once you hit 18 you can rent your own flat, since that's when you are legally able to sign a lease contract. However being able to rent and actually renting are two different things. Most l... Read More »

Alternative Schools for Teenagers in Okaloosa County, Florida?

The Okaloosa County school district operates several alternative schools, all of which are located in Crestview and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Alternative schools give troubled and at-risk student... Read More »