Can `t decide which one to buy can someone tell me which one is better?

Answer That's a good question. The display capabilities go as high as 1080p but most broadcasts are 720p and less. Most of my cable is around 460 pixels, but the higher the capability the better your colo... Read More »

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Can you tell which eye someone is looking at?

It would probably appear that they are looking at both. And no, a black hole wouldn't appear lol.

Please tell me which TV is better CRT or LCD?

LCD TV is better. No questions. What's your budget and what size of TV are you looking. There are several LCD TV models in Sony, Samsung, LG and Sharp in India. You can check some of Sony and S... Read More »

Which is better texting or calling someone?

Depends on the message. Somethings don't come across well in a text msg. Some things are better said.

Can u plz tell me which one is better graphics card?