Can swallowing a small fish bone cause botulism?

Answer It's not very likely to, particularly if it is cooked.Chetak

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How do i remove a small fish bone from inside my throat without going to the e.r..?

dont eat dinner at chucks house and that wont happen!

Do fish survive after swallowing artificial bait?

Fish swallow baited hooks more often than they swallow artificial bait. When a fish does swallow artificial bait, it is not a certainty the fish will die after being hooked in the stomach. However,... Read More »

How to Properly Clean a Fish Bowl for Small Tropical Fish?

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What kind of filter do you use with small fish in a fish tank?

Using the right filter in your fish tank is important, especially when dealing with very small fish. The best filter to use for little fish is an under-gravel filter. It stays beneath the gravel an... Read More »