Can swallowing a small fish bone cause botulism?

Answer It's not very likely to, particularly if it is cooked.Chetak

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How do i remove a small fish bone from inside my throat without going to the e.r..?

dont eat dinner at chucks house and that wont happen!

Can frozen vegetables cause botulism?

On One Hand: Naturally Present BacteriaThe botulism bacteria exists naturally in soil and water, so vegetables will likely come in contact with the bacteria prior to freezing. The bacteria itself i... Read More »

What is the cause of dietary infant botulism?

well it is a bones that loves to move and i rock

Cause of swallowing problems?

It sounds like a little problem with your epiglottis,the thingy that blocks off your windpipe when you swallow, and if it is it's probably a genetic thing.I would recommend that you make an appoi... Read More »