Can suboxone show up in drug test for newborns?

Answer You have got to be kidding me...what kind of question is this? I am an addicts as well but i still know enough to realize how messed up you are if ur worried about suboxone being in ur NEWBORNS sys... Read More »

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Does hookah show up in.a drug test i got this like pen thing and my mom is gonna drug test me plx help cuz?

It depends on it they are testing for the drug you are using.

Workmans comp drug test when the injury occurs to insure that you were not under the influence but can they still drug test two weeks later before they pay out?

Answer I dont believe they can, I shattered a disc in my back while on the job and needed surgery. I was so jacked up on pain killers and marijuana days later for pain. There is no proof that you w... Read More »

Would 1/2 of a 7.5 hydrocodone every other day show up on a drug test?

Yeah.. and that frequently it would give you levels of a daily user.

Will this show up on a drug test 10 points?

The only way it would show up on a test is if you actually took a hit of it. Otherwise, even just smelling trace amounts in the air, its not going to show up on the test. If someone gave you a shot... Read More »