Can styrofoam get waterlogged?

Answer Styrofoam tends to be fairly resistant to the absorption of water. However, it is possible for Styrofoam to take on liquids over time. It may eventually become waterlogged. This can be seen, for in... Read More »

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How can you fix a waterlogged IPhone?

Put it in a bowl of dried rice and in to a heated room

What Does Waterlogged Wood Mean?

When wood is submerged in water or materials containing a high content of water such as saturated soil or peat bogs the wood becomes waterlogged. The water causes a deterioration of the cell walls,... Read More »

How do I fix a waterlogged cell phone?

Remove the battery.The first step to fixing a waterlogged cell phone is to remove the battery. Do not turn the cell phone on while it is wet; this can cause the phone to short circuit and damage it... Read More »

Waterlogged phone issues?

How did it fall into the toilet?? ........ No don't tell me I don't think I want to know.I'd just get a new phone the other one will probably never be any good.