Can stretch marks be erased?

Answer Lotions and creams, combined with diet and exercise, reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Laser treatment removes the top layers of affected skin, allowing new skin to grow in its place. Surgica... Read More »

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How to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks, Get Rid of Dark Stretch Marks?

Nobody likes the appearance of ugly red and purple stretch marks on their bodies. However; it's sometimes apart of life. Things like pregnancy, weight gain and sudden growth spurts can cause stretc... Read More »

Stretch marks

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can occur during sudden changes in body size, such as during pregnancy, puberty, or rapid weight-gain. Ninety percent of pregnant women will get stretch marks around their abdomen, hi... Read More »

Why Do Stretch Marks Appear?

Stretch marks, those bright red and purple streaks that can occur on the skin, may appear to be a cause for concern but are actually harmless and fade over time. They usually are found on the abdom... Read More »