Can stress effect your period ?

Answer Stress is the main reason for missed periods and irregular periods. Good Luck.

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If your boyfriend ejaculated on your panties but did not make direct contact to your vagina you've already had your period could you still be pregnant or could stress cause pregnancy symptoms?

Answer Stress is the most likely culprit for the pregnancy symptoms. It is very unlikely, although not completely impossible, for enough sperm to find their way into the vagina to cause pregnancy. ... Read More »

Can stress and being nervous delay your period and if so for how long?

Answer this is quite common that your periods can become irregular when under any amount of stress or that you may have changed your diet. and vary on how long this lasts. you should go to your doc... Read More »

Can stress cause you to miss your period even if you're on birth control?

Answer Stress could cause you to miss your period even if you are on a birth control pill. It might be worth trying to reduce your stress some how. Probably easier said than done...but I found goi... Read More »

Does exercising effect your period?

yes exercising effects your period as your blood circulation routine changes some people get it early before time or very late because of exercising :)