Can stress effect your period ?

Answer Stress is the main reason for missed periods and irregular periods. Good Luck.

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What if you had protected sex a week or two after her period but this month she missed her period and has some pregnancy like symptoms is she pregnant or is it stress?

Answer I think it's stress. but only if the protecion did not buss. if it did then she could be pregnant. Nothing is a 100%. alway's remember that.

What is the actual effect of stress on diabetes?

Stress triggers the release of certain steroidal like chemicals in the body. Steroids, whether natural or pharmaceutical, raise the release ratio of sugars and therefore the glucose levels in the b... Read More »

A period issue. about stress (plz only women )?

Haha yes! I've done it! And ive willed mine to come early! Go womanly-will power! Woo! *highfives*Or on the logical side of things - its cause you were stressing out so bad ^^ stress delays zee per... Read More »

Can I get my period early as a result of stress?

On One Hand: Stress Affects OvulationThe timing of your period depends on when ovulation occurs during your menstrual cycle. According to the American Pregnancy Association, "ovulation can be affec... Read More »