Can stress cause backpain?

Answer Most definately! When you are stressed you tense up your muscles and do not sit correctly or lay correctly or even walk correctly all this can lead to disalignment in the bones and muscles

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Backpain and calf pain?

this sounds like me 2 years ago! i had intense pain down my thigh, and my calf muscles always felt tight to the point i couldn't extend my leg. this was my left leg - too! i went to a physio for th... Read More »

Backpain during ovulation,,is this normal...plz help!?

Yes!! I have very strong ovualtion pains including cramps and backache. It really helped for me to pinpoint O because I would start cramping a few days before O and have the worst of it the day of.... Read More »

I have a real backpain since yesterday, 2years ago it happens again i want to know what it is help pks?

You could have possibly pulled your back or have a torn muscle or disk out of place. Get it checked by a Chiropractor or Doctor. Do an X ray whoever you go to.

I've been under a lot of stress lately?

Ok, so I wanna start off by saying I know exactly how you feel. I'm going to be a sophomore (my first days tuesday, wish me luck) and I'm in a special academics program with accelerated science and... Read More »