Can stress and anxiety cause back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Back Pain Can Have Many Physical CausesBack pain can be caused by muscle cramping or from a misaligned spine or even from an old injury that may not have healed properly. It can also ... Read More »

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Is back pain caused by stress?

On One Hand: Stress Can Cause or Intensify Back PainThe presence of mental or emotional stress will many times present itself in the form of back pain. This occurs for a couple of reasons. First, t... Read More »

What medications could one take for anxiety and stress?

First of all,make an appointment with your GP,where you can explain ALL symptoms and get a qualified diagnosis.If you feel you cant discuss it or that you may miss out certain areas,write a whole l... Read More »

How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress?

I "discovered" these simple ideas a few years ago. What I did was try and do one each day, not just read it, act on it. When I finished the list all I did was start at the top again. They are not a... Read More »

Can chronic-anxiety stress cause shortness of breath?

On One Hand: Common Symptom of Panic DisorderChronic stress can affect your body, as well as your emotional health. One of the more common effects is panic disorder, a type of anxiety disorder. Anx... Read More »