Can strawberries be grown next to sweet basil?

Answer yeaa just as long as their roots aren't intwined

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Where are strawberries grown?

Strawberries are generally prolific, with hundreds of varieties from which to choose. Pick one that will do best in your climate, choose the right spot and care for them, and they will reward you w... Read More »

Is sweet basil and basil the same?

There are several different varieties of basil. The one usually used in Italian cuisine is sweet basil. Holy basil and lemon basil are different (but closely related) species, and Thai basil is the... Read More »

Can tristar strawberries be grown from seed?

Tristar strawberries should be propagated from runners taken from the roots of an existing strawberry plant. These runners should be spread 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches apart to allow for healthy growth.R... Read More »

How long have strawberries and kale been grown in Britain?

There is no way anyone could know. Simple as that.