Can strattera make your heart pace go up?

Answer Atomoxetine (brand: Strattera) is known to cause irregular heart beat, which considerably is serious and one must immediately contact their doctor about it.Some other serious health complications t... Read More »

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Can Strattera cause rapid heart beat and chest pains?

Answer I was on Strattera for about a year. Strattera worked great for me up until August. I woke up out of my sleep in the middle of the night with what felt like an elephant standing on my chest ... Read More »

Heart Changing Pace :/?

So the first thing to understand is this, the thyroid can affect your heart rate.It is okay for the heart to go fast and then slow, fast and slow, fast fast slow slow fast, you get what I mean.From... Read More »

What is the pace maker of the heart called?

The pacemaker of the heart is called the sinoatrial node, commonly referred to as the SA node. The SA node is a group of neurons around the heart that causes the heart to beat at the healthy rate o... Read More »

Do I need a pace maker if my heart stopped beating for 4 seconds twice in two weeks?

First make sure that there isn't a correctable cause of these pauses. Check your medication regimen and make sure that you're not accidentally taking too much of any of your meds, specifically if y... Read More »