Can stopping the birth control pill cause missed periods?

Answer For some women, stopping the birth control pill after an extended period of usage, can cause a delay in their normal menstrual cycle. Some women may not resume a regular menstrual cycle for months,... Read More »

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How long are you sensitive to the sun once stopping the birth control pill?

When you take birth control pills, the estrogen in the body rises, which can make skin more sensitive. There is no definitive answer to how long your skin remains sensitive after you stop taking bi... Read More »

Does the birth control pill cause anxiety disorder?

Birth control pills do have the ability to cause anxiety disorder in some individuals. Birth control pills are hormonal contraceptives that have several side effects. The majority of birth control ... Read More »

What are some other possible pregnancy symptoms after stopping the pill other than a missed period?

Answer Pregnancy symptoms apart from a missed period are:TirednessExcessive UrinationBlood like discharge or spottingTummy crampsVaginal dischargeHeadachesFeeling of being unwellTender or swollen b... Read More »

How can I make wife (asian) more comfortable with taking a birth control pill Pill with least side effects?

Clearly she doesn't want to take them. Her concerns are valid. So how about trying a different birth control? Like an IUD? Or a diaphragm? Sponge? Etc.…