Can stool softener be taken on a regular basis?

Answer On One Hand: Not For More Than a WeekAccording to WebMD, stool softeners are often prescribed for patients after heart attack or surgery. They increase the amount of water in the stomach, softening... Read More »

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What is stool softener?

Does stool softener cause diarrhea?

On One Hand: Stool Softener Does Not Cause DiarrheaUsing a stool softener, also known as an emollient, does not lead to diarrhea. According to the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus, stool softeners only... Read More »

What is a good stool softener?

On One Hand: Brand Names Work WellStool softeners, a type of laxative, relieve constipation by making bowel movements easier to pass. A brand name stool softener will typically work fine. Medline P... Read More »

Is stool softener addictive?

On One Hand: Stool Softener Is Not AddictiveAccording to, stool softener, one kind of laxative, is "not usually addictive and can be given every day if necessary" for th... Read More »