Can stockbrokers join Quixtar?

Answer According to its website, Quixtar, which now bills itself as Amway Global, does not expressly prohibit stockbrokers from becoming accredited independent business owners. Quixtar/Amway, however, has... Read More »

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What is Quixtar about?

Quixtar is a division of Alticor, a company that specializes in multilevel marketing. Some critics, such as NBC's "Dateline," say Quixtar makes unreasonable claims.FunctionMembers of Quixtar sell t... Read More »

Is Quixtar good?

On One Hand: If You Get to the The Top, YesAccording to the Skeptic's Dictionary, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but only if you are at the top of the company. Quixtar (now known as... Read More »

How many stockbrokers are there in the usa?

According to the Bethesda List Center, as of March 2010 there were 222,057 registered stockbrokers in the United States who have passed all necessary federal licensing examinations to become stockb... Read More »

How do stockbrokers get paid?

Stock trading is the ultimate in sales jobs. The hours are long and the stress is high, but so is the earning potential. Brokers are paid in several ways, but as with all sales jobs, the more you s... Read More »