Can steam kill dust mites?

Answer Dust mites are tiny organisms that live in carpeting, pillows, upholstery, mattresses and comforters. Dust mites can be killed by applying steam, which will kill the mites and any unhatched eggs. O... Read More »

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How do I kill dust mites naturally with steam?

Dry Steam CleanDry steam clean carpets and furniture, using the cleaner's attachments to reach into corners and crevices where dust mites hide. Dry steam cleaners emit a blast of air up to 240 degr... Read More »

How Often Should You Steam Clean to Kill Dust Mites?

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How do I kill dust mites in the light?

Light TreatmentCollect items that cannot be washed in hot water. Hang them outside on a clothes line in bright sunlight. This kills dust mites, which are intolerant of UV light. Using sunlight to k... Read More »

How do I kill dust mites in a dryer?

Wash the Items FirstWrap all of the items in plastic bags and carry to the dryer to prevent dust mites from falling off of the items and onto carpeting and other areas of the home. When possible, f... Read More »