Can stars be seen from the moon?

Answer Stars are viewable from the moon. In fact, it is easier to see stars from the moon. Unlike Earth, the moon has no atmosphere or clouds that block starlight, nor is there artificial lighting that re... Read More »

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Fun Facts of the Sun, Moon & Stars?

Much of the astronomical data pertaining to the sun, moon and stars is fascinating but requires an advanced understanding of scientific principles to fully comprehend. When put in layman's terms, h... Read More »

How to Draw the Sun, Moon and Stars?

Graphic representations of the sun, moon and stars are popular on greeting cards, on signs, in story books and tattoos. These drawings are easy to make and they're almost universally recognized, ev... Read More »

Can individual stars be seen in the Andromeda galaxy?

In 2010, it is possible for stars in the Andromeda Galaxy to be seen, but not with the naked eye. Scientists use the Hubble Space Telescope to view individual stars in the Andromeda Galaxy, which i... Read More »

Are the moon, sun& stars an Earth science?

Earth science is the study of our planet. Fields of study within Earth science include geology, weather and oceanography. The ways in which the moon and sun affect the planet are considered part ... Read More »