Can spybot affect my computer's effeciency ?

Answer No.However, if your PC have little RAM but run a lot of applications.Your PC will be slow.Spybot-Search & Destroy (Spybot-S&D) is a popular malware, spyware and adware removal program, which is fre... Read More »

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How Do Magnets Affect Computers?

Magnets attract certain metals like iron, nickel and cobalt. This attraction can line up the atoms in the metal so they have a north and south pole. Magnets are used in computers for various purpos... Read More »

How do computers affect personal lives?

The computer is still a relatively new, but nonetheless, important tool that has completely reshaped society. Today, people around the world are affected by computers, even if they don't own one. T... Read More »

Is there any difference between a LAN connection and a broadband one does it affect my computers speed?

Lan connection is were another computer is connected via another computer in the same place,i.e I have a laptop which is on Lan,connected by a LAN cable from my wife's computer which is connected b... Read More »

What is spybot?

Spybot Search and Destroy is a tool that is designed to detect and remove adware and spyware. This program is multilingual, offers a user-friendly interface and is compatible with most operating sy... Read More »