Can spider bites make you itch?

Answer The jumping spider issues the most common spider bite in the United States. These spiders leave itchy, red and painful bite marks on your skin. Other spider bites may or may not itch, but can becom... Read More »

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Mosquito bites or spider bites?

a dab of hairspray on the bug bite should combat the itch

Why do bug bites itch?

It's actually a bit of both. When we get bitten a small amount of bug saliva enters our skin and surface blood cells. The skin has a natural response to irritants like bug saliva, which is to rele... Read More »

Why Do Wasp Bites Itch?

When wasps sting humans, a venom is injected into the skin. This venom usually triggers a localized reaction, which includes redness, swelling and itching at the site of the sting. These minor symp... Read More »

Why do leech bites itch?

Think about a leach as a mosquito. As you know, both leaches and mosquitoes suck blood but what you probably didn't know was that a mosquito injects a disease into your leg when it bites. Now, usua... Read More »