Can spicy food affect your unborn baby?

Answer No, but it might give you heartburn.

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How can spicy food affect your unborn baby?

Since any food that you eat ends up feeding your baby as well, they will get the spicy food that you eat. It may upset them and that's when you notice their restlessness.

Does spicy food really affect breast feeding?

Maybe but it is good to get the baby used to everything.I personally ate everything and people get telling me don't eat this or that and that the baby will get gas or whatever. I did it anyway, he... Read More »

What std can affect your unborn baby?

Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is dosed by weight in small children, but for a child that young you should get the express consent from a doctor since it can affect them differently than older childre... Read More »

What can affect a unborn baby?

Most anything. What and how much you smoke, drink, and eat for instance.