Can sperm soften the cervix while pregnant?

Answer No. Sex during pregnancy is fine right up until the last few weeks.

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Is it safe to go into a public swimming pool if you are 38 weeks pregnant and the cervix is starting to soften?

Answer Certainly. There is a plug of mucus in your cervix blocking off the path to bacteria then you also have your bag of waters protecting the baby. So go, have fun. Swimming is GREAT for preg... Read More »

Is it safe to swallow sperm while your pregnant if that sperm is herpes positive?

It's probably not safe to swallow H+ sperm whether you're pregnant or not. I am not a clinical doctor, but this is a question you should ask him or her for a definitive answer to.(And trust me, you... Read More »

Can you get pregnant while having cyst on your cervix?

Don't give up hope, You can still fall pregnant with cysts on the cervix. however in some cases you may find it difficult to conceive even if only the smallest thing is wrong. For example: My wife... Read More »

Can you still have sex if your cervix has been stitched while pregnant?