Can sperm really work as a toothpaste?

Answer Assuming that you are making a genuine enquiry, the answer is quite simply no. Toothpaste contains anti bacterial properties, sperm does not.

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Does toothpaste work as zit cream?

Yes But the results are Permanent I suggest to use ELF zip zapper cost $1 is goodand Tea tree oil.

Does whitening toothpaste work?

Yes if you stick to a good food and drink regime it should work like it says it should

Does using toothpaste usually work on pimples?

NO NO NO NO NO NO! Toothpaste basically dries out the pimple and burns the skin and it leaves a ugly scar. I tried it once and it made my pimple look even redder, and when the pimple was gone it le... Read More »

Does toothpaste actually work on pimples?

yes but it damages your skin at avon they have this awesome stuff but you put it on in the moring and at night go to…