Can sperm go through underwear?

Answer Sperm is very fragile, dies almost immediately after exiting the body and has poor mobility, according to Dr. Konstance McCaffree. It is not able to go through either a woman's or man's underwear.S... Read More »

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Can sperm travel through fabric?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a very slight possibility exists that sperm could travel through fabric. If semen has completely saturated the fabric, and the fabric then comes int... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant through her underwear and the guys undearwear even if he pre-cums?

How many pairs of underwear will I go through when I catch the Swine Flu?

It depends on what you think qualifies as underwear that you can't wear anymore. We can't all buy new boxers in this tough economy. Hell, if anyone asks just say they were brown when you bought them..

You were wearing underwear and a little bit of sperm got on your finger and you wiped if off on some papertowel then you wiped it off on a seat but you waited awhile to sit there could you be pregnant?

if u put that sperm into your vagina then u could but if u didnt no