Can soy milk be heated?

Answer On One Hand: Yes It CanThe makers of Silk brand soy milk state that soy milk can be substituted for dairy milk in almost every instance, even in recipes that require milk to be heated. Like dairy m... Read More »

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I want to make hot chocolate with milk would anything happen to the milk if i heated it up?

It would get warm ;) Hot chocolate is better when made with milk, go for it!

What temperature should baby milk be heated to?

Although formula and breast milk do not need to be heated before feeding, some babies prefer a warm bottle. Bottles should be warmed to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or body temperature. Check the tempe... Read More »

Best eyelash curler, heated and non heated?

the M-A-C one is my favorite and covergirl lash blash waterproof holds curl very well:)

Is a gas heated pool cheaper to operate than an electric heated pool?

Your pool heating costs with gas and electric will vary greatly depending on the weather of the area you live in, costs of gas and electricity service, and the efficiency of the heater you choose.... Read More »