Can soreness in the side be a sign of appendicitis?

Answer On One Hand: It Is a SymptomSoreness in your side can definitely be a sign of appendicitis, especially in the right side. The appendix is in the lower right area of the abdomen, so pain or tenderne... Read More »

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Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you normally get swollen breasts during ovulation but this month you are experiencing soreness of the nipples especially on the right side?

Answer if you normally have swollen breasts then it could simply be that they are just slighty worse this month, although this is a common sign that you could be pregnant if you are unsure then you... Read More »

Can scabs on your areolas and soreness be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It usually a sign of irritation or a breast/nipple infection.

Is gum soreness a side effect of sertraline?

Sore, bleeding gums are one of many possible side effects associated with sertraline (Zoloft), a popular antidepressant. Studies have not conclusively documented the frequency with which this side ... Read More »

Scared I might have appendicitis but no pain on right side. Pain is everywhere?

Calm down, you are ok, I think, go by the book of symptoms, If you do not have the symptoms of appendicitis, you have something else. I just went through it, had unbelievable pain, all over, had a ... Read More »