Can someone write themselves up in wikipedia?

Answer To answer your first question, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and thus only people who meet the notability guidelines for biographies (see source 1) may have articles. Unless you meet these guidelin... Read More »

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Do famous people pay people to write their Wikipedia articles Or write them themselves?

Only the mildly famous write their own Wikipedia articles. The truly famous have enough crazed fans and anti-fans to write their article without being asked, whether or not the celebrity wants it.I... Read More »

How did celebrities like Lou Diamond Phillips, Rory Emerald, and Eminem get themselves booted off Wikipedia?

This is a most interesting question that warrants a thought provoking answer. Rory Emerald, once his history became public on Wikipedia had a lot of harrassing "fan Mail" from various organization... Read More »

How to Help Someone Who You Think Is Cutting Themselves?

Speaking to someone that may be cutting should depend on your relationship with that person. Their reaction will vary based on the amount of trust they have in someone. Once your have established t... Read More »

How to Get Someone to Play the Toothbrush Prank on Themselves?

Have you ever been tired of a prankster doing pranks from wikiHow? Wait until they do the toothbrush prank and prank them!