Can someone with nystagmus get lasik?

Answer Although nystagmus is not a disqualifying condition for LASIK surgery, doctors often have problems performing this type of surgery on nystagmus patients because the tracking laser can't keep up wit... Read More »

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If someone has nystagmus can they receive disability?

If the Nystagmus condition this person has is severe enough, then yes they can qualify for Disability benefits. However it is not the simple fact of having Nystagmus that will enable them to receiv... Read More »

Could someone who has had Lasik eye surgery tell me the pros & cons of the procedure?

I had the procedure in Nov 2007 and I love it!! But it IS harder to drive at night for me. I have to consciously focus harder- the halos are not really an issue for me, as I wore contacts for so ... Read More »

What is the difference between lasik&i-lasik procedures?

Every few years, technological advances are made in the area of corrective eye surgery. Decades ago, RK or Radial Keratotomy was the surgical method used to correct nearsightedness. Today, with the... Read More »

Need to know your experience with lasik eye surgery.?

26 More Local Results.....Search ShortcutLasik Eye Surgery - Video ResultsWATCH MY LASIK EYE SURGERY!.Play VideoWATCH MY LASIK EYE SURGERY!My Lasik Eye Surgery.Play VideoMy Lasik Eye SurgeryLASIK E... Read More »