Can someone with felony go to college and get a grant?

Answer As long as you are not currently incarcerated or have a felony drug conviction, you are eligible for aid. And if you were not receiving financial aid during the time you were convicted of a felony... Read More »

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Can you get the Pell Grant if you have been convicted of a drug felony charge?

You cannot receive the Pell Grant or any other federal financial aid for at least one year if convicted of a felony drug charge while in college, according to the Department of Education.Source:Dep... Read More »

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If you are avoiding scams and thieves, you will NOT even consider the above companies you mentioned because those are scams. If you want legitimate, the ONLY legitimate is GOVERNMENT (sites ending ... Read More »

What is a grant for college?

When it comes to paying for college, several options are available. Scholarships and loans provide two options, but a third choice comes into play as well. College grants offer a means to pay for c... Read More »

Can I get a grant for a college course?

Well i have no clue lol i live in the U.S ....