Can someone with bad credit get refinancing?

Answer On One Hand: Some Lenders Will Refinance Despite Bad Credit.Even in a weak real estate market, says editor Michael D. Larson, some lenders will refinance mortgages for those with bad c... Read More »

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Will a 700 credit score be better than 654 for refinancing?

Yes, a credit score of 700 will be better than a score of 654 when you are refinancing your loan. The higher your credit score, the lower the interest rate that will be assigned to your loan becaus... Read More »

Does refinancing affect your credit score?

Lenders do check credit reports before refinancing a loan. Excessive credit inquiries can lower your credit score. However, refinancing your loan and receiving a single inquiry isn't likely to impa... Read More »

How to Include Credit Card Debt in Refinancing?

There are two major types of mortgage refinances: cash out and straight refinance. A straight refinance, or no cash out, mortgage simply replaces the original debt with a new rate and term mortgage... Read More »

Does refinancing a car loan lower credit scores?

On One Hand: Refinancing Will Lower Credit ScoresRefinancing a car will lower a credit score, albeit temporarily. Allowing a lender to pull a credit report will lower your score, as there will now... Read More »