Can someone with ADHD join the military?

Answer Yes, with conditions. The United States Military generally avoids recruiting people that require a daily medication for an illness (such as diabetes, thyroid conditions, and ADHD). It is best if yo... Read More »

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Can someone with ADHD join the navy?

No. You must get your ADD or ADHD under control enough to pass an exam with a doctor/psychologist, and you must be off ADD/ADHD medication for at least 6 months before you can join the navy. BTW, y... Read More »

Can someone with ADHD join the marines?

Unfortunately, no. The Military will not allow someone with a mental disorder, such as ADD, ADHD, or epilepsy (these mainly) join under any circumstances. I think it has something to do with the fa... Read More »

I graduated from the Seaborne Military Academy in 2006 with a GED. Why can't I join the military?

You can. Each service has a different percentage they are allowed to recruit with GEDs and they give GED applicants a hard time, but you can join with a GED.

If you join ROTC in college do you have to join the military?

Joining the Reserve Officers' Training Corps does not mean that you have to join the military, it means that if the military needs you they can call you up for service. Theoretically, in times of p... Read More »