Can someone watch me through my monitor?

Answer Unless your screen has a webcam on it then no you can not be viewed.

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Can H.I.V be passed through the saliva to someone with a cut in their mouth through kissing?

Kissing is not a threat. Remember those ads that you can kiss and love people with HIV? BUT that cut is going to be problem. Even though the uninfected person doesn't have a cut, she/he has teeth a... Read More »

How can i watch tv on my monitor?

affix right cables and u get it. i experimented a few times till i get it with rca to hdmi

How to Watch TV on a DVI Monitor?

Some newer model DVI monitors work with digital cable tuners because the monitors are High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) compliant. Using a DVI monitor to watch TV without a computer als... Read More »

Can I watch TV on my PC monitor?

You can watch TV on your PC monitor by installing a TV tuner for your computer. Computer TV tuners come in both internal and external forms. Alternatively, if your monitor has the correct connectio... Read More »