Can someone use a plastic hose for pumping home heating oil?

Answer According to the Hammer Zone, you can use a plastic hose to pump heating oil in or out of a home. Plastic tubing is OK because the oil should not be warm while it is going through the plastic tubi... Read More »

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How to Replace a Plastic Water Hose in a Frigidaire Refrigerator?

The plastic water hose in a Frigidiare refrigerator is known as the fill tube. It connects to the upper back wall inside the freezer, extending on the other end into the fill cup for the ice maker.... Read More »

How to Make a Recycled Hose Handle for Plastic Bags?

Carrying home plastic bags on the bus, train or by foot can be hard on the hands. If you haven't already gone the way of the cloth bag, here is a very simple way to make your own bag handle holders... Read More »

How do you clean burnt plastic off of dishwasher heating coil?

Don't even try. My apartment caught fire when the plastic got too hot on the heating coil. Just buy a new heating coil and replace it.

Is the stench resulting from a plastic tong melting on the dishwasher heating element toxic?

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