Can someone under 55 buy into a condo that is fifty-five or older?

Answer Read the governing documents under which the association runs the business of the condominium community. There may be a vetting process for buyers where proof of age could be required. Usually a fi... Read More »

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How do you convert a 33 unit rental condo building to an owner occupied 50 and older retirement condo complex?

Your terminology in the question is confusing: either your building is a rental building, or it's a condominium building. Each presents different challenges for conversion. If your building is a r... Read More »

How to Set Up a Fifty-Five Gallon Wet/Dry Tank?

A wet/dry tank is a tank that incorporates both aquatic and terrestrial elements. They may also be called vivariums. These tanks are commonly used for housing amphibians, aquatic reptiles or a comb... Read More »

Does owner of condo take responsibility for water damage to the condo under them?

It is commendable that you want to step up and take responsibility for water damage that you may have caused: your washer overflowed, your drain backed up, and so forth. Often, water damage extend... Read More »

I live in a condo complex Can the Board of Trustees distribute condo information by putting it under the red flag on the ownners' mailboxes?

Read your governing documents to determine whether sliding information under the red flag on an owner's mailbox is considered a formal, official notification option, or whether someone has determin... Read More »