Can someone track you down with Facebook?

Answer no, and even with an IP address you still wouldnt be able to track them down without a court order

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Can someone track down your address/track your location with your cellphone number?

Who are we talking about here - your wife or the authorities? Your wife can track your current location only if you installed software on your phone to allow tracking and that only to a cell, not d... Read More »

Is it possible to track down someone with an iphone4 even if they don't have an AP?

If by this you mean what is new about the new operating system, you can create folders, use multiple apps at a time, video chat with FaceTime and Skype, stream music from your Mac or PC, use your i... Read More »

Someone stole my iPod, can Apple track it down!?

was it an iPhone then they can or else just get a new oneget 21 just in case

How to Track Down Someone Who Stole Your Credit Card?

Getting your credit card stolen and used by another person is often enough to constitute identity theft. This is a very serious crime, and it can completely ruin a person's credit and financial rep... Read More »