Can someone track you down with Facebook?

Answer no, and even with an IP address you still wouldnt be able to track them down without a court order

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Can you track who views your Facebook Profile?

As far as I know, nope. The only site I know of that has that option available is Yuniti ( ) - sorry!

How to Track Facebook Activity Through Analytics?

Google Analytics is a great tool to track incoming traffic to any website across the Web. Although Facebook blocks analytics code in pages, you can use a workaround to track the traffic to your Fac... Read More »

How to Track a Person Who Tries to Duplicate a Facebook Account?

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Track down the number from which a Facebook mobile message came from?

I will tell you how to download v 1.1 on psp will need to have:psp,USB Cord and first go to any website to download IPSP v it in your MP_ROOT File.Also maybe psp and commo... Read More »