Can someone tell me why it feels like I have a marble in my butt?

Answer I think your focusing on yourself to much. Think about all the starving people in the world who would like to just have that problem. I once complained that I had a pain in my ****, untill I saw a ... Read More »

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Why do marble flooring feels cold to touch?

The stone is absorbs the heat at a much greater rate than the air, making your skin feel cold, thus the stone feeling cold to the touch.

My daughter stuck a marble in her butt, what do I do?

Good is up high get her to a doctor....if it is where you can see it....get it out!

My Doc recently saw my butt and now stares at me and winks. Is this cause I got a sexy butt?

No it's because he saw the skid marks and knows that you shat yourself.

How soon after getting my butt eggs fertilized will my butt baby arrive?

2 hours, and, considering you asked this question 2 hours ago, I'll assume you're giving birth right now! Yay!