Can someone tell me why it feels like I have a marble in my butt?

Answer I think your focusing on yourself to much. Think about all the starving people in the world who would like to just have that problem. I once complained that I had a pain in my ****, untill I saw a ... Read More »

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(For guys mostly) do you like women to have a nice toned butt, or a fat butt?

I nice toned butt all the way. I'll take that butt over a bigger butt that is not well toned.

It feels like someone has been in my car?

Are you absolutely certain that the person you got the car from gave you ALL the keys / remotes? Also, check the rubber moldings around the windows and door frame for any sign of damage .. If som... Read More »

Can someone just describe to me how sex feels like in detail!?

slippery, noisy, sweaty, and messy.In that order.

I have to urinate every 2 hours or feels like my bladder is really full but it last like 10 seconds?

1)Prostate2)UTI3) High Blood Pressure4) DiabetesVisit a Doctor.