Can someone tell me who 'Jack' is?

Answer He's the cable guy -Here's his number...0800 0800 0800 2Thanks

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~~ Can you tell me a song about missing someone OR loosing someone , you loved?

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Can anyone tell me who Jack is?

I pray dear Maggie Baby will not be offended if I borrow her adage. I fear your servants have become quite cheeky and may have in reality repeated Maggie's opinion that you don't know Jack. You'v... Read More »

Why does Nikki think she can tell Jack what to do all the time on YR?

You know it's funny how we all wanted her to come back on the show and now all we do is complain about her LOL!!Well with her and Jack being such good friends I wouldn't put it pass him to believe ... Read More »

Can someone tell me...?

Well, ..., basically it's a money making proposition for the seller. You get all of the liability of that comes with owning a home and none of the tax write off. Then if anything goes wrong, poof... Read More »